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It's PIE (pi) Day! Are you ready?

Today is March 14, also known as 3/14...also known in our house as Pi Day (3.14...) aka PIE DAY.

I do have some pies ready to be written about - my disastrous/rescued Oscar pie, made to celebrate the Academy Awards, and of course multiple pies for Pi/Pie Day. Tomorrow I'll write up those but I wanted to mention Pi Day now, on the actual day.

Does pizza count? (They do call it pizza PIE....) Yes. So we're having homemade pizza followed by a dessert pie. You can never have too many pies, especially on Pi Day.

Though too late to make today - we did discover a fun recipe in a new book, "How to Bake Pi" by mathematician Dr. Eugenia Cheng. I have requested the book from the library....and from the New York Times we found one of her recipes for BACH Pie (BAnana and CHocolate - how bad could it be?) Bach's birthday is coming up soon...hmmm...

The recipe is here....NYT links are often for subscribers only; we'll see if this link works.

Until tomorrow when I write up the latest pies - enjoy 3/14 (aka 3.14....... Day!)

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