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#4: Onion-bacon tart

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Years ago we had a party and served an onion tart as an appetizer; it was very popular. We basically went into the kitchen, turned around and it was gone! (We learned to make two for the next party.) That delicious onion tart has been in my head for a while and a simple savory tart seemed like a good dinner option last night.

Easy as pie

The recipe was very simple - make the pie dough and chill it overnight, then pre-bake it in a tart pan with a removable bottom. The crust turned out beautifully.

Then I sautéed some bacon, let that drain, and removed all but 2 tablespoons of the bacon fat; I cooked the sliced onions in the fat in a covered skillet with a thyme sprig until they were caramelized and brown.

The filling is lighter than a quiche, with just the onions mixed with a half cup of half and half and two eggs, which I then poured into the still-warm tart shell.

Make sure to remove the thyme sprig! And don't forget the bacon. I set the tart in the oven, turned and when I saw the bacon still on the paper towel, I realized I had forgotten to sprinkle it over the tart. That was easily solved.

The tart can be served warm or at room temperature, so I was able to let it sit and cool once it was fully baked. Just before dinner time we popped it back in the oven to warm, and with a salad and some red wine - the perfect casual supper.

If this interests you, you can find the recipe here.

I mentioned to Jeff that this was not too unhealthy; only a half cup of half and half and mostly onions with just a few slices of bacon. (He had to remind me about all the butter in the tart dough. Technicalities.) Best of all it made a nice nibble later, before bed, after going to see my friend Dee in the NFCT play Ripcord. We had some butternut squash soup and lentil salad left over for lunch today, meaning we get the rest of the tart for dinner tonight! I think there will be none left for breakfast tomorrow, alas.

The Verdict: Star Baker or Leaving the Tent?

This pie is again Star Baker. Jeff said we might need to come up with another verdict - I can't be Star Baker EVERY week, can I? We decided to adopt a rating system we use for wine tasting. The range goes from Yuck (the worst) to Yawn, to Good, to Very Good. Delicious is the second highest rating with Delicious! as the top. I think this one ranks Delicious.

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3 comentários

Brian A Del Piano
Brian A Del Piano
22 de jan. de 2023

Printed this one out too! This Bacon and Onion Tart sounds mouth watering! Thank You for this one too!


21 de jan. de 2023

More bacon!


20 de jan. de 2023

This tart looks and sounds (from the ingredients) very yummy. Alas! I gave up eating meat a few years ago... 😑

Keep going, Rusty!

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